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Promote your iOS app in the App Store with the Redbox Platform, a programmatic approach to managing Apple Search Ads campaigns that aims to improve the efficiency of your spend by maximising the number of downloads generated

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Apple Search Ads Partner

Scale and hit your KPI's cost efficiently. Our platform, built by Apple Search Ads & App Store Optimisation experts, will help you manage your campaigns easily, more effectively and with better visualisation than ever before.

How can I get more iOS downloads with Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads allows app owners to advertise their iOS app directly to individuals actively searching for an app. And, that's not just to a few users; according to Apple, about 65% of iOS app downloads occur directly after a search within the App Store.

The Redbox Platform uses the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API to create campaigns, populate these with keywords and optimise the keyword bids. Using scoring algorithms, bids are programmatically adjusted with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your Monthly Budget, capped by Cost Per Download goals.

  • Takes Minutes to Build a Campaign
  • Automated campaign Setup
  • Select Storefronts (App Store Countries), Budget and Cost Per Download Goals, and Demographic Targeting
  • Automated Search Ads Management 24/7
  • Integrate Third Party Attribution Providers, Adjust and AppsFlyer, for Centralised Performance Reporting
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How it works

When you create your marketing campaign with the Redbox Platform, we take your campaign goals and targeting and turn these into a ready-built campaign. Our Keyword Generator phase finds the keywords that will power your campaign before we sample and optimise the performance of these keywords in the Bidding Algorithm phase. Acquisitions are then found and scaled through the cyclic Keyword Generator and Bidding Algorithm phases.



  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Targeting
  • Starter Keywords

At Redbox, we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We create a tailored algorithm solution for each campaign. The campaign is built using your goals, targeting and up to 15 starter keywords. Starter keywords are words that are relevant to your app and are used, amongst other sources, to find additional keywords for the campaign. So, there's no need to do the time-consuming keyword research!



  • Search Engines
  • Apps Store Searches
  • Redbox Keyword Libraries
  • Keyword Entity Extraction
  • Competitor Metadata
  • Natural Language Processing

Quality keywords are needed for a campaign to perform and scale. At Redbox, this is a continual process of generation and refinement. Using our extensive keyword resources, we increase your starter keyword list from just a few keywords to thousands. This is performed as a two-step process:

  1. generate candidate keywords;
  2. predict keyword viability through Keyword Prioritisation, only adding the ones that hit our thresholds.



  • Keyword
  • Bid Discovery
  • Campaign

The Redbox Bidding Algorithm then takes on the task of identifying the optimal price point to set the bids at to maximise the acquisitions. To perform this activity, each candidate keyword goes through Bid Discovery to understand how a keyword performs at different price points. While this learning activity can take time, it means that we can leverage state of the art machine learning techniques to generate industry-leading performance in the Campaign Optimisation phase.



Key benefits

The Redbox Platform makes Apple Search Ads campaign creation and management easy with the automation of bid optimisation and budget allocation. Our reporting uses interactive data visualisation that allows the exploration of the data.

  • Optimises Apple Search Ads budget
  • Learns and adjusts through data-driven decisions
  • Real-time stats
  • Utilises a proprietary keyword search tool
  • Multi-region campaigns made easy
  • Interactive data visualisation, with detailed exportable reports

Who we work with

Our platform is designed to be completely self-serve but that doesn't stop our Search Ads Experts from using it for our agency-managed clients. The Redbox Platform's algorithms and data visualisations are built from years of experience manually managing Apple Search Ads campaigns for our clients.

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News and Updates

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Real-time results

A dashboard with an interactive display of data with time and Storefront filters for a more granular view of performance. The data shown can be downloaded in its raw format in the CSV reports.

To see your Apple Search Ads data and post-install data all in one place for a comprehensive review of performance, integrate the Redbox Platform with Adjust or AppsFlyer.

About Us

The team behind the Redbox Platform is Redbox Mobile, founded by Rory Mudie in February 2013, which has become the leading App Store Optimization (ASO) Company.

Redbox Mobile, with offices in London and Hungerford, has acquired and successfully serviced accounts for over 50 major brands in its three year history.

This new and developing industry has similar challenges to the ones that faced website owners when the Google Search Engine began to dominate the discovery of websites. This led to a new industry that focused purely on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For an App, the solution is referred to as App Store Optimization, ASO is the service that Redbox Mobile delivers.

More about Redbox Mobile

App Growth Awards - Best ASO Company 2020Business of Apps - Top App Marketing Companies 2021Effective Digital Marketing Awards FinalistThe Sunday Times Tech Track - One to watch - Shortlisted 2019

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